Trust Yourself to Create Your Future

Motivational Quote - FitnessDid you know that you can create your destiny ? Every thought you have about your life, every dream you want for yourself, all of it can be directly created by you–you only have to know how to harness it to make it reality.

It sounds like a load of tosh sometimes, which I get. I never thought of life as something you could create for yourself. I thought you were right to be realistic and logical, and of course work hard for the things you want–as long as they were practical things. But I’ve learned that while that method of thinking can keep you grounded, maybe make you feel sure of your life, it’s not the only way to live.

I’ve learned that to truly live–to truly be free–you have to open your mind to the other side. The side that’s full of dreams and ambitions, the kind of ambitions people everywhere will tell you not to trust in, simply because they aren’t certain. But what happens when you decide what’s certain for yourself ? What happens when you refuse the “practical”, “realistic”, “normal” way of thinking and think for yourself instead ? Would you follow your dreams ? Would you chase after them, with a passion that burns and never dies ? Would you give everything to attain them ?

To me, there is nothing wrong with this new way of thinking. In a way it’s not so new, it’s just been forgotten in the way of advancement and straight-forward (narrow minded) thinking. I understand it though. Like I said, that used to be the only way to think properly for me. But all of a sudden, I was introduced to this new world out of nowhere. And after I learned more about it I thought, what is so wrong with believing in your own dreams ? With aspiring to the greatness within yourself ? What’s so wrong with visualizing an amazing future that you can create ? What’s so wrong with thinking a certain way if it makes you happy ?

The answer is: there is nothing wrong with it. People are going to tell you you’re stupid or crazy, that you’re throwing your life away for dreams and wishes. People are going to tell you you can’t do it all your life, but why should you let them tell you how you’ll turn out ? They don’t know you. They don’t know what you’ve been through, how hard you’re willing to work to make your dreams your reality. They don’t know how passionate you are about creating the life you’ve always wanted. They don’t know how strong you are.

Don’t let anyone create your future for you. Everything you’ve ever wanted can be yours, you just have to trust yourself. Trust that you will find a way, that you’ll create your own path. You will show the world what you’re made of. You will prove everyone who doubted you wrong. Your future is bright and brilliant, so don’t waste any time thinking you can’t follow your dreams. Follow them with all the passion you have, and eventually, your glorious future will be everything you’ve ever wanted. All of it can be yours, and if you trust yourself enough, it will be.


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