Let’sTalk Fitness : Full-Body Circuit Workout


And that’s why I don’t have a FB

Really needed a killer workout today, so decided on creating a full-body workout and tried to include every major muscle group. I felt it working during the actual workout, but it honestly wasn’t as killer as I wanted it to be, so I’ll be working on more variations for you soon. Still give it a try though–definitely had me sweating buckets in the end, which is always my goal 😉

Full Body Circuit Workout :
Cardio Warm Up:
-1mi warm up, 2.15mi at 6’39″/mi
-overall time: 20:58

-10-15 min
-Quad stretch, hamstring stretch, toe touch, torso stretch, alternating lunges, side lunges; for more information see my post An Example of My Daily Workout
*soo important, never forget to stretch !

*Complete 3 sets with 15-30sec rest between exercises, 30-45sec rest between sets (*Note: for more advanced workout, shorter rests !)
-Squat Jumps x12, last set x15
-Curtsy Lunges x12, last set x15
Cable Machine
Standing Leg Curl x10, last set x8 (both legs)
Standing Cable Rear Delt Pull x12, last set x15 (I did single arm for both arms)
Preacher Curl (stirrups) x10, last set x12
Bicep Curl (stirrups) x12, last set x8
Bent Over Triceps Extension x10, last set x15
Cable Ab Crunch x30, last set x20
-Push Ups (modified) x12, last set x15
Burpees (these are ridiculously good burpees in the vid, I do standard burpees that don’t include a push up) x5, last set x10

And there you have it. Pretty decent for a total body workout, and definitely will make you sweat in the end. I wanted a high intensity so I only rested for about 12sec (or less) between reps, and about 35sec between sets. The exercises with less reps for the last set mean I increased the weight one notch (or whatever the measurement is on the machine) and therefore could do less reps. Unfortunately I don’t feel much of a burn right now, even though it felt pretty intense during the workout 😦 so at least it means I’m getting stronger, but still need to increase weights and sets.

How does my workout look ? Think you could handle it ? I’d love to have you give it a try (just beginners make sure to adjust accordingly) ! Do you have a favorite killer workout ? Share your thoughts with us below !


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