Monday Gets A Makeover | Featuring : “THIS WEEK” SERIES

Hello fellow fitties ! Hope everyone’s St. Paddy’s is smashing 😉

I’ve been missing from the blogosphere for the past weekend (you noticed right ??) for a bit of r+r.. and by r+r I mean it was my friend’s 21st birthday weekend and we absolutely killed it. Seriously, I was so sore the entire time so I have no idea what we did to our poor bodies, but it was well deserved ! Such a blast, so I suppose I already had my St. Paddy’s day fun.

I wanted to share a few quick things with you today. Firstly, that yes, dedicated fitties are very much so allowed to party till the wee hours of the morning and not feel like total shit about it. I was really excited for this past weekend, been waiting forever to go club hopping with my friends. But it’s also sort of an important point to mention to my fellow fitties.

l_09029960-fb88-11e2-82be-4bf82f500013Now I definitely don’t get hammered every weekend or purposefully treat my body like crap (those days are thankfully over). But I do believe there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a well-deserved break once in a while ! While I am dedicated to new workout plans and sharing healthy recipe ideas with you guys, I don’t want to be one of those people who never sees my friends because I feel like I can’t. I don’t want to take myself too seriously, I want to enjoy what I work hard for ! So this weekend, I went out two nights in a row, recovered all of Sunday, and I loved every minute of it. And bonus: dancing all night until you lose track of the hours absolutely counts as a weekend workout (ladies, you know how sore you get !) So don’t forget to live a little guys 😉

Secondly, as the title mentions, “Monday Motivation” posts are getting an awesome renaming: my “This Week” series. By now I’m sure you’ve all noticed I have a few themes going on that help provide some insight into what my posts are about, ie. “RECIPES”, my “Let’sTalk” series, and what was recently “Monday Motivation” (and another new one on the way so stay tuned !). I decided a “This Week” series makes more sense to me. It won’t just be one long topic, but a quick preview of whatever the theme might be for the week. Fantastic idea right ?

In that light, “This Week’s” topics will be all about the Basics. I’ll introduce you to the beginning of my fitness journey, workout basics, nutrition basics, and running basics. I’m very excited, I hope you like them !

And last but not least–I just landed a new job ! I now work at the Banana Republic Factory Store. I’m excited for the job because the people seem really nice, and it’s not exactly my style but I’m looking forward to giving the dress code my own twist. After months of job hunting it looks like things are finally paying off, so wish me luck !

Thanks so much for reading guys, can’t wait to share the new posts this week ! Don’t forget to keep a lookout for the basics ! 😀


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