REVIEWS | Coffee Scrub : Mr Bean Body Care vs. frank body

I can safely say about 60% of the products I use I’ve found on Instagram. So today fitties, we’ll be combining skincare secrets and coffee addictions to create: coffee body scrubs. This past christmas, I decided to give myself a special gift and ordered both Mr Bean Body Care and frank body coffee scrubs. By this time, I’ve emptied both (messy messy) bags of scrub over the course of several weeks for each, allowing me to fully experience what each claims to offer–and whether or not they live up to them.

To Scrub, or Not To Scrub
So first of all, why should you even care about scrubbing ? Well, these ‘scrubs’ are just another term for ‘exfoliating’–removing dead skin cells and stimulating new ones into growth. Your skin regenerates itself fully every month or so, though most skin repair is done every night during sleep (so important for healthy skin, trust me). In order to aid the healing process and promote glowing, healthy skin, proper exfoliation is key. By removing dead skin cells and opening pores, you allow the exfoliant to clean deep down and remove any stubborn entities–dirt, excess oil, blackheads, breakouts ,etc. I’ve found that when you use a good exfoliator at least 4x a week, the results are invigorating.

So Why Coffee Scrubs
If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know I like simple things: simple exercises, recipes, and especially ingredients. These coffee scrubs were so enticing to me because all of the ingredients were recognizable, and hey, who doesn’t like to get dirty. Not only that, but coffee actually has the power to aid blood flow, banishing cellulite, eczema, and many other skin problems due to the stimulation of new blood/skin cells. There are many choices of scrubs, with their popularity booming all over the place, so perhaps you’ll find your own favourite. However, these two have been circulating my IG feed for ages, so I wanted to test both to see if I could find any similarities.mrbeanbody

The Scrub Off : Mr Bean Body Care
Mr Bean was my first choice. I liked the bold b+w packaging and the scent of mandarin for their ‘original’ scrub. Instructions for scrubbing are pretty much the same for both scrubs: two handfuls, scrub in circular motions on damp skin, wait 5-10 minutes, rinse well. A few things I noticed with this one:

  1. Thicker grounds : Mr Bean has large grounds which surprised me; as such, it’s a bit difficult to get it all over your skin evenly.
  2. Lasting coffee colour ? : I think because of the thick grounds, the scrub is actually a little difficult to wash off entirely. You literally have to rub your skin clear of it–hard. If not, for the love of god DO NOT use a white towel, or large, unappealing brown stains will make an appearance.
  3. Body care + feel : Mr Bean is supposed to leave a fine layer of oils that nourish your skin throughout the rest of the day. My experience is that, unless you rinse off every bit of that scrub in the shower, you get quite a thick layer of oils, as well as brown residue from the grounds. While a little bit of colour is nice for everyone, it will obviously smear all over you if you apply any kind of moisturizer. On the other hand, if you rub too well, all of the oils tend to wash right off, and your skin isn’t left as soft as it should be–plus the coffee scent is rubbed off your skin too, which I quite enjoy, so that’s disappointing.
  4. Facial skin care : You may apply Mr Bean to your face in gentle circles, rinsing off gently. For myself, I didn’t see much of a difference from this scrub. Perhaps I hadn’t used it enough, but it made no changes for me.
  5. Shipping charges : Its 5$ for standard shipping within the US (not sure for other countries) which is sort of a bummer. You can get free shipping with a purchase of 40$ or more, but if you just wanted one to try out, shipping for a single packet is a little bothersome.
  6. Cost : The lowest cost for a (mandarin) scrub is 15.95$, plus shipping, you’re looking at around 23$ just for a single scrub.. it’s a little off putting. The upside to this is that Mr Bean does offer discount codes to email subscribers and IG account followers, so definitely sign up for those.


The Scrub Off : frank body
And so I moved on to my next coffee love affair, frank’s original body scrub. It also has a pleasing, citrusy aroma, which I think is probably orange mixed with coconut oils and all their other delicious ingredients. And here’s what I found :

  1. Fine grounds : I personally much preferred how fine frank’s scrub is, it makes it easier to handle and apply to every single surface my body contains. Seriously, once you get these, you basically attack your body scrubbing.
  2. Easy rinse : Because the grounds are fine, rinsing off is much easier. You definitely get every bit off quickly, and I tried the white towel test right after and guess what–no stains !
  3. Body care + feel : frank leaves lighter, softer oils on your skin than Bean does, and a light aroma of coffee + coconut. It is the most enticing thing. I noticed too that the skin that was always so dry and cracked around my feet was completely smooth after just one use–completely. It is the most amazing thing. I was always a heavy user of pumice stones (tmi), but after frank, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve needed mine.
  4. Facial skin care : Of the two scrubs, I saw a major difference in my skin from using frank. I’ve never had the best skin, and I really hoped at least one would help me. I’m not sure if it’s from the smaller grounds or rinsing my face with cold water, but frank has really made a difference for me. I have very few breakouts, and it’s even helping with my dark spots ! I must say, I haven’t felt this wonderful about my skin..probably ever. Now frank is not the only thing I use on my face: together with my newest (and best) skincare products, frank is producing an exponential effect, and I’m so thankful for that.
  5. Shipping charges : Free shipping for all US babes no matter how much–or how little–you spend ! You had me at free.
  6. Cost : The lowest cost for frank’s original scrub at 14.95$, no shipping charges, and no tax. What you see is what you get. Of course, they have gift boxes and packages that are a bit costly, but sign up for the newsletter and hopefully he sends us some coupons.

and-the-winner-isScrub Off Winner : FRANK BODY
Well I’m sure this was no surprise, what with my obvious approval of frank’s effects–but when you’ve got a good thing, flaunt it ! I’m very in love with frank’s products and all the benefits they deliver. I have now tried their coconut and original coffee scrubs, and I’ll surely try all of them. This past week I’ve had a small hiatus from frank after I ran out and waited for my new order (the world has never seemed so dark and forlorn..) BUT, at least he’s back and I’ll never let him if he could: he’s got no legs. Next up for review is frank’s body balm, so stay tuned !

I highly, HIGHLY recommend frank’s products to everyone out there. Such a simple product for so many serious medical problems, it’s astounding how well it works. And even if you’re ordering for the sake of ordering, don’t feel ashamed: your skin is a vastly important organ, it deserves to be pampered ! And all from the comfort of your own shower, (though my best advice is keep a sturdy cup in there to rinse). Thanks so much for reading guys, and if you try it out, tell me about your frank experience too ! 🙂


8 responses to “REVIEWS | Coffee Scrub : Mr Bean Body Care vs. frank body

  1. This may be a dumb question but does the caffeine content in the scrubs have the same affect on you as drinking caffeine? I just don’t consume caffeine so I’m wondering if it makes you feel jittery or not. Thanks

    • No no, I love questions ! As far as I can tell, there is no side effect of the caffeine content in the scrub. While the natural caffeine creates a feeling of ‘waking up’ the skin, stimulating blood flow in your cells and creating a brightening sensation (among its many benefits), it does not give you any jitters or crashes. It’s only a topical scrub, and I suppose as you don’t ingest it, you don’t get negative side effects. That being said, I have seen many real results from this, and fully recommend it. Hope this helps !

  2. Hey I was just if for your face you used the frank body scrub too? I know for Mr bean you can use the body scrub for your body AND your face, can you do the same for the Frank product?

    • Hello ! You absolutely CAN use frank for your face ! In fact, when I’m short on time and can’t wait for the scrub to set very long on my body, I make a point to at least use some scrub on my face first, so I can have the oils infuse throughout my shower–that way, I at least get the benefits + healing powers to keep my skin feeling healthy. Afterwards, a very light, gentle cleanser (I use CeraVe Foaming Cleanser) can help remove any excess oil so your pores don’t get clogged. Taking care of my skin is very important to me, and honestly, using frank has never caused any problems, but has helped me tremendously. Definitely recommend it !

  3. Not 1 good thing to say about Mr Bean ?
    1- your wrong on price, and Frank is more expensive.
    If you need some lesson how to search product, please try a site called Google.

    2 – Mr Bean has so many customer that love them, so i cant see how there not 1 good thing to say.

    I am not saying whose better, but this look like you got paid a bit much to write this.

    • How saucy !
      1) If you managed to read my entire post, you’d see that I do enjoy Mr Bean’s packaging and scent of their scrub. Should you need lessons on understanding certain content, please look into furthering your education.
      2) Am I wrong on price ? At the time I wrote this, Mr Bean was $15.95 at its cheapest, (still more than franks lowest price of $14.95). However they’ve since raised all scrubs to $17.95, and do not offer free shipping/tax; their discount codes only minimally lower prices. Perhaps international prices are different, but I mention I’m reviewing for the US. Do not try to insult my intelligence or imply that I don’t take my work seriously.
      3) These are my opinions from experience. I am aware everyone’s tastes are different, and clearly state that these are personal findings after testing. At NO point am I against anyone buying Mr Beans scrub.
      I have praised frank many times, due to consistent, positive results from their products. I have also stated elsewhere that I’ve NEVER received payment for my reviews–a ‘thank you gift’ of scrub was kindly sent to me months after my review. I don’t spam my followers with products I don’t care about for money, and will never do that. You insult my integrity for no apparent reason, which I cannot tolerate. Please don’t come back to my blog with useless, negative comments. Maybe we can speak more after you’ve purchased and tested these products yourself. Have a pleasant day.

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