Let’sTalk Fitness | Abs, Arms, Everything

Finally getting down a workout for you guys ! I suppose we’ll call it due to a lack of time, but we all know what a great excuse that is 😛 Anyway, here’s a killer ab/arms workout for you, and I’ve included a great little add-on at the end to make it a full body workout. Always remember to go for as little rest as possible guys–push yourselves !

Arms, Abs :Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.38.34 PM
*4 sets. Go for no rest between exercises, 10-20sec rest between sets.
-Push Ups x15
Plank Reach x10
Forearm Plank Hip Dips x10
Forearm Plank Cat Raise x10
-Ab/Glute Bridge x20
-Ab Bicycles x20
Seated Reverse Crunch x20

Everything :
*After you’ve completed the above, add this on for a killer ending !
-Standard Crunches x100, intervals of 20 (legs on ground, knees up, straight legs, knees up, on the ground)
-Mountain Climbers x50
Crossover Jumping Jack + Floor Touch x50 (exactly like it sounds, at the end of a full jack/two counts, reach down and touch the floor)
-Jumping Jacks x100
Star Jumps x15 (my favourite !)


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