UPDATES | Featuring ‘The Perfect Little Pocket Fitness Graphic’

Well fitties, the word of the month is definitely busy busy busy !

It seems I’ve been very engaged in an almost constant state of madness for weeks now, so haven’t had much time to post–but I’m still here ! And I have some exciting news to share.

First of all, I’ve made the move to Seattle ! I’ve been up here since the end of May, and it’s really the main reason I’ve been so busy: with coming up and getting settled, seeing family, not to mention June is both mine and my sister’s birth month–we’re a day apart ! So our birthday weekend (5th + 6th) was quite hectic; not only this, but my sister just had her second baby ! We had a shower for her on the 7th, then the baby came early, and really I’ve been doing my best to help out ever since. Not to mention other relatives that have visited her during that time, including my mother, her mother in law, my aunt and cousin, her sister in law with family, and my grandma (who came to live here from the Philippines !) There have been many other time consuming incidents as well, but we won’t get into it. All I can say is thank goodness things are slowing down.

For a little update: though originally I made just a small summer move, I’ve decided to stay permanently and really get established here, for myself and my career. I’m currently on the lookout for internships in casting offices downtown, as well as small jobs to keep me afloat. My eventual plan is to make the move into the heart of downtown Seattle, as right now we’re living just north of it. We just love the city 🙂

As far as fitness + health, I’ve been keeping up with circuits, runs and my favourite vegan foods quite nicely, plus I’ve been experimenting with new recipes and workouts, and will definitely post those soon. But since my birthday, (23 now !) I’ve felt so impatient to get started with my career and make things happen. It’s very constant, but I’ve discovered quite a store of patience in me, realizing that though you can’t control everything, sometimes it’s best to just relax, and trust that the right things will come to you at the right time.

During this time, I’ve been very lucky to correspond with some awesome people for Physical Fitness + Sports Month in May, and was so honoured to contribute to a lovely little graphic showcasing the best advice for working out and staying in shape.  Though summer is in full swing, I still wanted to offer this adorable, all inclusive graphic my friends from Bankers Healthcare Group came up with, as it’s a wonderful ‘pocket’ graphic to have handy all year round ! It helpfully sums up some basic health + fitness tips to always keep in mind, all in one place. The best way to keep up your own health + fitness is to find a program that is perfectly tailored for you, and taking a peek at this graphic is a good place to start. I was very pleased to have been able to contribute to the survey, many thanks to Christian for reaching out to me ! To see the accompanying post, visit their website at bankershealthcaregroup.com. Enjoy !



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