For My Fitties + Bonus At-Home Workout !

Hello hello !simple effective burpees

Hope you haven’t missed me too much 😛 For some of us, the summer gives us more time to blog–apparently not for me.

All kinds of crazy news since my last post in June ! I’ve since made a huge move up to Seattle ! Benji and I officially live here.. on an air mattress in my sister’s house haha. So fortunate to be able to stay here (and even have my own room), and it truly feels wonderful being up here. I’m finally actively pursuing what I really want to do, and there seems to be so much opportunity here, so I know this move was the right choice; plus, I get to spend tons of time with my sister and nieces in the beautiful Seattle area 🙂

Before I made my big move, I went down to Reno to get my car and any extra possessions, and I actually got injured ! I rolled my ankle during a tennis rally; I was returning a hit, and I guess I stepped wrong so that my left ankle rolled, heard a ton of pops, then I literally collapsed on the ground lol. It wasn’t too bad, just made me sweat a ton (because I’m usually sweating)–my poor friend freaked out more than I did. But it’s nearly healed now thank goodness. As far as workouts go, I’ve been taking it easy, mostly just swimming a bit, getting in arms + abs workouts rather than my usual intense full body circuits–I saved some workouts and recipes that I’ll be posting soon !

Can’t say enough how glad I am to be back into things. I’ve been keeping busy as best I can but let me tell you–I’m SO glad I can do burpees again ! Yeah you read that right.

In honour of this glorious return to awesome workouts, here’s a workout I just did this evening. Quick, intense, and awesome. One of those that makes me convinced I have a sweating problem lol. Enjoy !

At-Home Dumbbell Workout :
*4 sets, minimal rest
-Dumbbell Bicep Curls x12
Dumbbell Shoulder Rotation + Press x10
Dumbbell Wood Chop x10 (both sides)
Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow x10 (both sides)
-Plank Hip Dips x10 (both sides)

Finish : Dumbbell Burpees + Shoulder Press x15 (fast as you can !)


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