Let’sTalk Fitness | Dead Abs + Arms Circuit

Fitties ! Got a new circuit for you I just did today–and the burn is so amazing. I’m currently working on starting my day with exercises as soon as I wake up in the morning (mostly push ups, jump lunges/squats, and an ab exercise). It’s helping me to become more of a morning exerciser and obviously helps to get my ass up (I’m the worst at it). I’ll have another post on this later. I also think I’ll have to buckle down and finish those two free weeks of workouts for you guys–that way I have them planned too 😉 I work out at the randomest times, so I want to see how having a premade workout plan works for me. Stay tuned !renegade row

Save this workout page and try it out first thing in the morning !

Dead Abs + Arms
*Set a timer for 10min, repeat circuit as many times as you can, no rest. **Repeat timer for a full 20 min workout.
-Plank Dumbbell Row/Renegade Row x30 (15 each side)
-Plank Hip Dips x30 (each side)
-Dumbbell V Ups x20
-Dumbbell Jacknife x15

*Finish (after your circuit, no timer, just get it done !):
-15 Push Ups
-30 Tricep Dips
-20 Lay Down Push Ups
-15 Elevated Ab Pikes


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