About Me

Welcome to the fit life !

IMG_2914Hi ! I’m Trazy (yes, it’s my real name), a 22 year old runner and self-proclaimed “fittie” on a mission to motivate and inspire. Oh, and that^ little guy is my 9yr old pomeranian Benji (to be featured frequently).

I’m passionate about everything health/fitness related, and I’m always looking to learn more. With the help of countless books and articles and many food/nutrition documentaries, I’ve learned so much over the years that I’ve become serious about health. For me, it’s not just about practicing a way of living, but about the understanding. It’s about being aware of information that is vital to living a full and balanced life, and knowing why this is the best choice for your health.

From all my research, I’ve learned so much about food and where it comes from in the modern world, and with that I have created a diet plan that suits me physically and mentally. I believe in healing your body with nutrition, I believe in sustainable food and shopping locally. I don’t believe in “diets” or “quick fixes” to health. But let me be clear: that’s just me. The views expressed in my blog are exactly that–my views. It doesn’t apply to everyone, and I won’t force it on anyone. I am not a nutritionist or dietician or personal trainer. I created this blog to share how I live my life with others who are looking for some extra guidance–or just want a good health blog to read 🙂

“First, inspire yourself. Then, inspire others”.

I don’t pretend to know everything (or actually, yes I do) but I do know how to take care of myself. I know how to stay motivated and determined to succeed. And I want to share it. I want you to be healthy and active, and to stay there. To only improve and be inspired every day. I’ll post motivational quotes, reviews on my favourite books and documentaries, my diet plan, workouts, and anything I think might be helpful to you. I want so badly to share this with all of you, whoever you are–I want to hear everyone’s story ! I believe that knowledge is power, and I want to arm you with the awareness to lead a fuller, healthier, happier life.


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